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Spotlight is the simple yet powerful profiling tool designed with performance in mind.

Note: You will need to include a Spotlight Debrief in your order. One of our Accredited Spotlight Practitioners will then be in touch with you to arrange giving you your profile and debriefing it with you.


The simple yet powerful profiling tool designed with performance in mind.


  • Profiles both ‘behavioural style’ and ‘mindset’
  • Leverages and maximises individual and team strengths
  • Radically improves the impact of coaching conversations
  • Recognises and utilises that people behave differently in different contexts

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Spotlight brings cutting edge profiling to your organisation with a modern twist.

Spotlight can be used to enhance…


Individual Performance

Understand and tackle the blindspots that hold individuals back



Build stronger team relationships, respect and understanding


Team Meetings

Enhance the efficiency and team effectiveness of team meetings


Shared Mindset

Forge a common language and a shared mindset

"At Manchester City FC, the Spotlight profiling tools are used across the club. Whether it is helping the 1st team staff and players, supporting our academy, or working with various management groups off the pitch, Spotlight delivers the high quality insights into how to get the very best out of each of us."
Omar Berrada
Chief Operating Officer Manchester City Football Club

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