The High-Resilience Individual – Sample Chapter


Sample Chapter – Dealing With Irrational Catastrophic Thinking


This sample chapter is from the forthcoming book ‘The High-Resilience Individual’.

High-resilience is not about being born with a rare or special quality. It is not about being naturally extraordinary. Nor is is about being an emotionless rock. Resilience is something we can all learn and is more than just something within all of us.

‘The High-Resilience Individual’ is about developing your ability and existing personal qualities to withstand pressure. It is about maintaining high levels of functioning, well-being and performance under pressure.

It the best, and perhaps only, preventive and proactive approach to managing stress.


About the Author

Iain Gair is a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

He is a registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council.

 He works in private practice through his company Sport Resilience with World-Class sport performers, businesses, and military personnel.

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